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Welcome to thebabybed.com.

We are Heather, Linda and Emma and we are the momma’s behind the scenes at TheBabyBed. We are 3 middle aged moms that have a love for babies, sharing a total of 10 children between us.

We started thebabybed.com because many years ago, starting out as new parents, we made a ton of mistakes. Today we have a few regrets and wish we did more. But hey, that’s how it was back then, we just didn’t have the technology to connect us with other parents and find valuable information from the internet as we do today. That’s why we have dedicated our time to help new parents make the right decisions and avoid making the mistakes that we made, through our site, TheBabyBed.com.

We have this feeling because the internet was never where it is today. You have a question, a concern, a worry, need some advice, need honest opinions on what is the best for your baby. You hope straight on the trusty computer and within a couple of clicks, you’ve got your answer.

However, when we started out, the internet wasn’t so. We relied purely on the ‘sales pitch’ or personal opinions of sales people in baby stores, whom probably had never actually been through an array of baby products themselves. Today, it’s completely different. We are more educated, more curious and more well informed when it comes to giving the best to our babies and our family.

We feel that we have a pretty good handle of things between the 3 of us and we want to share our advice and recommendations to help many other parents out there feel entirely confident and comfortable with their decisions and purchases.

We are here to lend a helping hand, to help you through, whether it be during your morning or late night feeds searching through the internet or dropping by in your afternoon break, we hope you enjoy the site. In saying this, if you would like to contact us, ask us a question or contribute to the site, please contact us here.

Babies truly are a gift from heaven

Heather, Linda & Emma xx

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